Top 3 Ideas For Lead Generation Marketing

A lot of factors in the twenty-first century business scenario have forced the sales organizations to look for fresh ideas for lead generation marketing. The competition is intensifying, the world economy is sluggish, the decision maker is much more informed than their predecessors and the internet revolution has altered the face of the industry forever; old and worn-out tools are going to help lead generation marketing, some new and more effective methods are definitely needed. Let us discuss some fresh lead generation ideas that would enable companies generate quality sales leads in a heap.

Lead Generation Marketing

Changing mindset with changing business environment:

The modern-day business environment is very different from that of two decades earlier; computer work stations have replaced the work desks and the wide spread use of the internet has brought in a new dimension altogether. One needs to change their mindsets in such a changed business scenario to stay with the times. Online methods today are proving far more effective than the age-old tools like cold calling and business letters. Here are the top three lead generation ideas to help you on your way.

       Optimizing your website:

Most sales organizations just create their websites and then forget about them. It’s important to realize that an outdated website is not going to help you much; you need to design your website to optimize prospect acquisition and nurturing. Just in case your site was designed long time back, go ahead and update or recreate it. Here are a few tips for making it more effective for lead generation.

  • Easy navigation: Customer friendly navigation that targets their pains and needs is a must. They should not face any difficulty in finding what they want to know.
  • Content: Your website won’t be effective unless you provide prospect focused content. It should target each stage in their decision making process. This would help you attract and acquire leads at each stage.
  • Providing multiple calls to action (CTA) with different commitment levels will make your site more appealing. For example, you can provide CTAs for subscribing, downloading, getting quotes, contact information and so on.
  • Providing pages for specific purposes: You should focus on pages all prospects look for. Creating sales readiness qualification pages like pricing and budgeting tools etc would enable the customers to easily find what they want.

    B2B Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization has become an effective tool for lead generation marketing these days, yet it can become even more effective by going beyond common strategies and link building by targeting buyer content. This can be accomplished by focusing on the following.

  • Targeting 2+ (long-tail) solution keywords is recommended.
  • It’s important to match customer needs and pain language to make the content more attractive and result oriented.
  • Converting qualified searches into qualified traffic is essential. Providing Meta description content is the first step in that direction.
  • Linking your keywords to right customer acquisition offers and content is essential.

    More effective Email marketing:

Email marketing is not a new phenomenon but traditional methods have lost their effectiveness. Engaging the prospects with the right information at the right time rather than just trying to reach them with boring newsletters would prove to be far more effective. Here are a few tips to achieve this objective.

  • You should provide content targeting what prospect might want to know at each stage of their decision making. Let them then decide its relevance.
  • To judge their readiness to buy, immediate follow-up is necessary. Relevant content and call to action would do the trick.
  • Change your strategy if their interest starts to wane. Offer content to keep them engaged rather than to qualify them.
  • Make it easy for them to find them relevant content and make their choices.

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